I’m Bianca.

Welcome to my blog; where creativity meets the internet.

I’m a photographer based out of Northern Arizona, where I live and work. Photography has been my passion ever since I was fourteen years old, when my father gave me his Pentax film camera which was a gift from his mother. From there my love of photography grew. As a teenager I developed photographs in my bathroom, carefully managing each step to bring an image from film to paper. You had to be much more committed to the art back then.  Thankfully things have changed. I’ve traded my Pentax for a Nikon and a darkroom for a laptop. While the fast and furious digital era has changed the landscape of photography, I still find myself chasing that soft golden afternoon light for the perfect shot just like I did twenty years ago. Some things never change.

I started my business, Bianca Fahy Photography in 2012. It has been a joy to capture moments for other people. Photographing families, children, maternity, senior photographs, special occasions, and engagements in natural outdoor settings is where I thrive creatively. I also will dabble in wedding, portrait, and landscape photography when I get the chance.

I live in Flagstaff, Arizona with my husband of 19 years and our two delightful children, Eden and August. We spend our days involved in many community and school events and our evenings watching the glorious sunset over the San Fransisco Peaks.


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